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Clinical Certificate Training “Treating the Forgotten Youth: Children and Adolescents with Sexual Behavior Problems”

Current research suggests that treatment can be effective in preventing sexual offenses by children and adolescents and reducing recidivism. The most effective treatments take place as early in the process as possible, are community-based and involve a combination of group therapy and innovative multi-systemic therapies and may include substance use disorder treatment or psychiatric care. Each program must be individually tailored through an assessment of the youth, family and environment .The most effective systems include a structure for cooperation between the criminal justice systems and the treatment system.

Schools, foster homes, juvenile facilities and communities are seriously impacted by problems of inappropriate sexual behavior and society is reacting by imposing ever tougher enforcement and registration laws that extend to adolescents. The purpose of this conference and certificate program is to explain the issues, describe the population and effective treatments and develop effective methods to reduce and prevent the behavior while also successfully re-integrating affected youth into their communities.

The Clinical Certificate Training Program, a mentored advanced training program, offers an opportunity for professionals in the field to develop expertise in the state of the art clinical practices for working with this population. Details on the Clinical Certificate Training Program can be found below.


General Certificate Program Information

The Basic Level I Certificate program is offered on an ongoing basis. Training includes didactic lessons and interactive exercises as well as one-to-one supervision on projects and homework. Each trainee will be recognized as a recipient of specialized training in all facets of work related to treating this special population.

Providers interested in contracts with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services will be able to use this Certificate as evidence of basic proficiency. More advanced training and clinical supervision as well as more specific training in one area such as assessments will be available in the future. Please contact Deborah Agus at 410 367 5878 or with further questions.